RITUAL [fr. rituel]
Art is stocked and damped by idiotic rituals
which contemporary art continues to perform.
Group shows.
The model is repeating itself with or without drinks & snacks.
Like an automat.
From where do all these rituals stem?
And why are we performing them?
They kill art.
Let’s create other rituals then!
To baptist a work of art in a vernissage is the worst that can happen.
It pushes the art work to the background.
Making the vernissage to appear as the work.
Emergency Room performs a daily baptism of new art works.
The meeting at the passage is made to discuss the content of the work.
The passage is a non-vernissage.
The passage is exactly not closing the work.
The passage is opening the work for discussion.
The passage treats the work as an opinion.
Not as a glossy surface.
Emergency Room wants to destroy old rituals
Emergency Room wants to create new rituals
Emergency Room is a ritual-putsch
Old for new
The rituals in Emergency Room gives safety
As the exhibition is unpredictable in Emergency Room
A ritual like The Passage or The Debate give us a breath of security
All this succession of gestures are a mise-en-condition
that gives us security in the middle of the storm
we can say that a format is made of rituals.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )