ROLE OF THE ARTIST [fr.]rôle de l’artiste]

If someone witness a crime or an accident
they have to assist the person in danger.
If the artist sees some alarming dysfunction
the artist must shout
what he knows
The public is the rest of society.
The artist is an expert in visual communication.
As most dysfunctions,
propaganda etc
communicate with the tools of the artist (i.e. visual communication, dramaturgy)
the artist as an expert must deliver what he is the witness of.
Before it is too late.
The artist has the capacity
and the duty
to alarm the other.
If he does not,
he fails to be contributing
of the caring of each other in society.
The artist is responsible for what he knows and observes.
Indifference and not-caring
should be felt as an unlawful error.
The role of the artist is to make use of his visual expertise to the service of the civic society which is now overusing visual communication.  

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )