RONRON [fr.]

Ronron is the sound of the artist falling a sleep.
The sleepy artist is falling a sleep.
Like a cat on the sofa.
Like a student in the classroom.
The sleepy artist is existing
without being disturbed.
And with no disturbing.
The sleeping artist is not barking
But snoring.
The sleeping artist does make some noise.
Proving that the sleeping artist isn’t a dead artist.
But the sleeping artist is not alive.
The sleeping artist is like a clone of the artist.
A monotone noise of an artist
not making art
The sleeping artist is like a cosy ball of comfort.
The ronron is a state of apathy.
The ronron does not have any impact.
The ronron cannot provoke any revolution.
The ronron is a selfish state.
The ronron generates its own sound.
A sleep-inducing monotonous sound of comfort.
No alarm.
The contemporary worship the ronron artist.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )