SCENARIO [fr. scénario]

The upcoming story is in a way prewritten.
There is a vision that has visualised the story
and described it.
The scrolling of the events should follow the manuscript.
Emergency Room
(even if unpredictable)
can follows some scenarios.
There is things that happens because they were made to happen
they were part of a strategy
they were part of a plan
a scenario.
A plan including actors
For example:
We can bet on that some collaborations will be done.
Knowing some factors it is possible to anticipate the results.
But here nothing is gained for sure.
Some scenarios are ideal scenarios.
They should happen
but have little chance to happen
(or they may take a long time to happen).
Like the scenario of the running burning artist coming sweating enthusiastically with an art work that will have a real impact because it’s pertinent.
This is a possible ideal scenario.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )