SNAPSHOT [fr. instantané]

Snapshot is the perception of a pointing machine.
Ideally speaking, the snapshot is the non-intentional expression
of the intentionally unexpressed.
It is the instantaneity of Instant Coffee.
The Snapshot being the non-intentional expression
is an excellent device for fixating the invisible
in a visible form.
The snapshot is a information device
processing matter which before didn’t have any form.
Emergency Room is made of snapshots.
And Emergency Room is a snapshot in itself.
Snapshot d’exposition.
The art shown in Emergency Room
can be the result of many years of reflection of an artist.
Suddenly one day it is there.
The artist grab it.
The artist get it.
At once.
Échec et mat.
And the artist brings proudly his work – his snapshot – to an Emergency Room.
As a masterpiece.
A lot of true life.
It takes only one instant to grab it all.
L’oeuvre est un snapshot.
Le tout a été attrapé.
The snapshot is the decisive moment.
Like a street photographer.
Or a policeman.
Waiting the right time to catch or point out evidence.
Emergency Room can freeze one day in one exhibition.
The exhibition will then contain everything of that day.
It’s past.
It’s future.
It’s context.
The exhibition being alive then
becomes a slide show
of all the snapshots
with life and comments on top of them.
The exhibition being alive then becomes a continuous stream of snapshots being made.
But with the possibility to zoom in at them one by one.
A snapshot is a shot, aimed and fired very quickly
at a target that appears suddenly and for a very short period of time.
A snapshot is not something to be looked at during a very long time.
Nor from the other side.
A snapshot is more spontaneous and untagged.
The snapshot is an imperfect image.
The snapshot contains the notion of mistake.
In itself.
The snapshot has the power of enthusiasm.
In itself.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )