SPECIALISED [fr. specialisé]

Emergency Room is not specialised in any topic.
But it will happen in the future.

For example one Emergency Room could be dedicated in climate topics.
Another in human rights.
Another in measuring the apathy.
But until now Emergency Room is not specialized.
Maybe in the future we will have an entire building
with classified emergencies.
One floor each.
With perhaps a reception downstairs
so when you arrive in the lobby of the building
(if the architecture is a building -we are working now on architectural thoughts)
you ask to see the Emergency Room about climate change
or to see the one about war in Middle East
or the one about immigration in Europe
or the one about genocide
the one about hidden genocides
the one about semi-declared genocide
the one about political doping
the one about demasking propaganda etc…
(we need a lot of specialized Emergency Rooms then - with daily updates
maybe 650 specialized Emergency Rooms
So the receptionist
will say first floor or 389th floor etc…

we will also need one (very very big) about miscellaneous emergencies.
New types of emergencies that could appear
maybe one about hypocrisy-constructions
or detection-of-apathy emergency
or any yet unimaginable emergency
but also all the forgotten and unclassifiable emergencies.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )