STRATEGY [fr. stratégie]

Emergency Room is a strategy.
Emergency room has goals.
And methods to reach these goals.
Emergency Room is at war.
The goals are reached.
Step by step.
In a strategical order.
There is territory to conquer.
Or reclaim.
There are battles to win.
To succeed tactics must be applied.
Strategy is a form of contemplation.
Making a strategy is like looking at everything
From an elevated position.
Making a strategy is like looking at a landscape
From a central perspective.
Making a strategy is planning which road to take,
From a map.
There are multiple probable scenarios.
Right decisions have to be taken.
At the right moments.
Every possibility has to be seen at once,
as well as a knowledge of the most minute details.
The past has to be considered.
The future has to be projected.
To make a strategy is like to organise a vision.
Make the thinking tangible out of imagination and intuition.
To connect vision with action.
To make a strategy is to create the work.
The strategy of Emergency Room are made for 6 years.
Some parts of the strategy won’t change.
Some parts of the strategy adapts rapidly to the situation.
The daily progression of the Emergency Room’s strategy is:
There are strategies because there must be a victory at the end.
To conduct Emergency Room despite all the unknown parameters
Require great care.
There are strategies because there are many enemies.
It is a difficult war almost lost to be won.
And the road is full of ambushes.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )