SWEAT [fr. transpiration]

The artist that have been pissed off
rushing at the Emergency Room
because he is burning to express about emergencies
The artist sweats.
A mixtures of excitement
physical effort
sometimes fear
or panic.
Nervousness and perception of a world in emergency
make the artists
wet of sweat
and sometimes tears.
An Emergency is an Emergency
No time to loose
The burning artists want to express as fast as possible
to alert the rest of the community.
For us the sweat of artists is very rare
and very precious
When it is raining or even in small doses
we must collect it.
Artists’ sweat is as rare as artists’ opinion
or artist effort.
So for us:
Artists’ sweat is better than honey.
Artists’ sweat is a magic motivation substance.
Artists’ sweat is the concentrated juice of awareness.
Artists’ sweat is a concentration of expressed energy
love and outrage.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )