TAXI [fr. taxi]
Sometimes artists don’t come to expose their reflection about emergencies.
It seems that a certain difficulty to move is the problem.
It is not because artist don’t see any emergencies
But because they are lazy
or busy
or they need a special treatment
or they need to feel like a princess.
The solution
(we are looking here for solutions to increase the production of critics)
will be to collect the artists
and their pertinent art work
with a taxi.
Maybe even sending a limousine will help
(and yes
artist are like that in our days)
Maybe we should also have an ice cream machine in the limousine
(or maybe
yes let us give up
give them sponsor beers
to make sure they will come)
and also wifi access in the limo
(so that they can surf their facebook
Professional hostesses could pour a rain of compliments
over them
As well as massage girls
(or boys
on demand).
It should also be many journalists in the limousine
fighting to make interviews with them
(while the artist get massage).

Will this help to stimulate artist to care about others?
At least it will help to make them come
To move them out of their beds.
But in theory Emergency Room artists
don’t have the same motivations as MTV-stars
(we are truly hoping now).
Emergency Room artists are grown up persons
that truly care about the world
and bring their energy together.
Emergency Room artist are able to refuse another drink
to be able to look straightly at other peoples pain.
Emergency Room artists are pilots of their own life.
They don’t need pacotille stuff to have the feeling to exist.

Of course we want to help them to give birth to their art work
and be supporting in the logistic
(but only if the taxi method can save lives)
as we don’t have time or resources to entertain princesses going to disco.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )