UNPREDICTABILITY [fr. imprévisibilité]

Unless any artist pre-meditate an Emergency Work
(strictly forbidden by the rules)
The exhibition is unpredictable.
We never know how many artist will show up.
Or what they will bring.
As much as we don’t know
What will be their source of inspiration.

If a top model dies on drugs.
If there is a natural catastrophe.
If Clinton abuse another man
(or woman).
We will expect many artists to express.

But if we have the habitual wars.
Habitual number of slave children factoring sport shoes.
Habitual number of prisoners getting tortured.
Increasing number of racist speeches.
We can expect no artist to express..
Sometimes in Emergency Room
we get empty rooms.
This is always a surprise.
A chock I would say.
But it has happened in Copenhagen.
It has happened in Paris.
And it has happened in Napoli.

It can also happen that the Emergency Room
Is filled up with non-emergencies
or with mini-retrospectives.
It can happen that every artist have the same emergency
the same day.
It can happen that an artist has been really sharp.
It can happen that a dysfunction pointed out in Emergency Room
becomes a public debate.
We can almost predict the impact of provocation art.
But we cannot predict the impact of Colombo art.

Our lives are unpredictable.
We cannot predict anything in Emergency Room either
(not even the collaborations)
Neither outside
(even if we pretend to be thermometers).
We can try to anticipate.
We can make scenarios.
Try Try Try
But often we are more barometers than thermometers.
The unpredictability of the Emergency Room
Is the fuck finger of the contemporary.
Being unpredictable is a handicap for success
As most
(nearly all)
institutions are not willing to show
Unpredictable art
wishing to keep control
wishing to order and direct artistic production.
URGENCY [fr. urgence]

Urgency is a state in which time is short.
To be in shortage of time means that one has to react fast or it will be
too late.
Too late is itself closely linked with urgency.
Too late is the necessary outcome of a negative reaction when faced with
an urgency situation.
If artists doesn’t react to urgency situations, it will soon become too
Art is usually too late.
Art as such might even be too late.
That is, art (as a concept) might be conceived as an activity already too late.
Corresponding to the concept of readymade
A readymade is too late
(it is already)

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )