UTOPIA [fr. utopie]

Depressing word!
Aggressive word!
Truncheon word!
Utopia is a word used by the manipulators,
to produce a signal of a hope,
which is nothing but repression of action.
Utopia is a word that has been used a million of times.
As title for group shows.
As titel for retrospectives.
As concept for biennials.
To exhibit utopia in the contemporary
is like to exhibit a dead deer’s trophy on the wall
in your summer house.
The word utopia carries with itself the notion of incapacity.
Of impotence.
It is the flag to line up the losers
before extermination.
It is to line up an ethnic (the artist)?
Make them dig their own grave,
and shoot them in the neck.
Utopia describes the voiceless sound of the suffering hope defeated.
Utopia laughs at the hopes of others.
Utopia makes the manipulators cheer.
In the Land of Cockaigne the visions of the artist are impossible to
Utopia is the ghost of Waterloo.
Utopia-shows are like arenas
where hoping slaves
are being eaten by hungry lions.
Over and over again.
It is impossible to escape this spectacle’s carnage.
Utopia in art is like
Arbeit macht Frei.
No one can be free in the art industry.
In Emergency Room we don’t get dazzled with utopias.
In Emergency Room we work with strategies.
There is no utopia.
There is plans.
There is methods.
Utopias can only exhibit the artists’ incapacity to change anything.
Emergency Room tries to develop plans & methods
to make artists able change anything.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )