VOX POP [fr. micro trottoir]

Vox pop is an external consultation.
There are two kind of vox pop.
The first is a vox pop of the artist.
The second is the artist searching for the vox pop.
Emergency Room could be considered as a vox pop of the artist.
Artist gives their opinions on a special platform,
where Emergency Room is the microphone, the instrument
which is hold to them to collect their opinions about today.
Normally the microphone is given to fashion models, porn stars,
football players
and other celebrities.
Rarely are the opinions of the artist requested.
Apart from this, the aesthetic of emergency have shown that some artist
themselves prefer to ask for opinions,
asking pedestrians or visitors of the institution.
Those artist don’t give their opinion,
but ask somebody else for an opinion.
The question goes from hand to hand, like a rugby ball.
This is the ballet of the asking for an opinion.
Vox pop is a kind of relay.
The microphone passes from hand to hand,
from question to question,
from opinion to opinion.
The object of vox pop is still the digging for content.
But for somebody, this very movement of forms gets so fascinating,
that they rather pass the microphone
just to get rid of it.
This is no good relay.
This is abstraction.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )