WHITE CUBE [fr. cube blanc]

The Emergency Room has until now taken shape as a round white cube.
The Emergency Room could have another shape as well
But after collaboration with the room designer Jean de Piepape
Emergency Room has decided to keep it round.
The light is very strong (like at an operation table).
The walls have to be very white
and very clean
and painted with perfection.
If there is a hole in the wall
the room has to be painted again.
The Emergency Room makes great effort
to show art in the best possible way.
The Emergency Room pays attention and care
to the scenographic presentation of the works
exposing the art work as good as possible.
The white round cube in Emergency Room fulfills a debate-function as well
The art works have to be shown like if they were
Mona Lisas.
For the Emergency Room they are Mona Lisas
Every one of them
Because They Are
Every art work entering Emergency Room is considered with great respect
and considered like finished art works
(even if produced with speed)
Because they are produced with speed
Because they are

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )