WITNESS [fr. témoin]

Witness is anyone passing,
seeing something happening in the Emergency Room,
which could be reported or written down.
The artist is a witness.
Everyone is existing through someone’s eyes.
Everyone is taking notice of the existence of each other.
Everyone is looking at each other.
This looking is not always as surveillance, but sometimes it is.
Sometimes as a view.
Sometimes as reflection.
Sometimes as speculation.
The witness can of course be touched by what he witnesses.
In Emergency Room some witnesses are witnesses by accident;
others are requested to be witnesses.
The writer and the art historian for instance.
Art historians are invited to witness the aesthetic of emergency,
to catch and possibly measure any change.
Viewers could be passing the institution, for instance,
and come across the Emergency Room by mistake.
Or by chance: temoin malgrès eux.
Emergency art should be watched like an ornithologist – continuously and
with binoculars.
Emergency Room obsessively researches witnesses
to make them witnesses
and even harass them until they speak
to collect
what they saw.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )