WRITER [fr. écrivain]

The writer is an active witness
giving another dimension to the project.
The writer is someone that can
challenge the artists by observing and describing them
their methods,
their qualities
as well as their defects.
The writer is someone that can
take the artist back to a human level
someone that can de-sacralize the status of the artist.
The writer is another jammer
therefore stimulating.

By experience, we notice that the writer is not always welcome
among pre-emergency artists.
For example
Once the writer Morten Friis was describing artists way of being
Doing a description à la Zola
That pissed most of the pre-emergency artists off.
They didn’t like that somebody was watching them
watching at dysfunctions.
Therefor writers are important to have around us.
A psychotherapist needs to be analysed
by another psychotherapist
before becoming a psychotherapist.
It is the same with critical artists.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )