DocumentaSceptic   2017

 #DocumentaSceptic through art works
in an  exhibition and in public space will be addressing questions like " Is Documenta Dangerous ? "" Why Athens ? " Do artists have a role or a function ? " etc ... Artist Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    has been working on questioning Biennales and other cultural managed events like documenta since 1989 . Biennalist is one of his Emergency  Art Format studying and exposing  Biennales concepts .Often those hudge art events promote them selves with thematics including critical goals  , d14 will work with :  " Learning From Athens. "  Biennalist through #DocumentaSceptic  aim to analyse and express about the motivations , the context and the unfolding of the event concept . .

Artists have questioned for decades the canvas , the pigment , the museum ... , since 1989 Colonel and the Biennalists question the Biennales instead . "Always question the structure " . Often Biennalist converge with Emergency Room ( today before it is too late ) .
#DocumentaSceptic is  a streaming ultracontemporary art work , and will include also an exceptional  gallery exhibition   30 th Mars to July 1  at  gallery Sabsay (CPH)

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