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In Denmark from 1999 to 2001  artist Thierry Geoffrroy / Colonel has created 3  TV series shown several times at  the national danish  TV channel  DR2  , important part of the process was to make the art work visible and some time almost  unvisible  . Some films have been rated  in the top 10 of the vieuwers (  visibilimetrie) .

In those TV series Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel developped  methods to measure national identity and  got then commissioned  to do films in Scotland , Germany , Holand , Norway Germany , USA , Finland  , UK  etc ... , he also did some films on it s own .

Beside their life on TV  many  of those films have been exhibited  in museums like
MOMA/PS1  , Sprengel Museum in Hannover , ZKM museum Karlsruhe , National Foto Museum Denmark , Fries Museum (NL ) , Galeries ( galerie Asbæk , galerie Ileana Tounta , galerie  Olaf Stueber  etc... and part of collections as well

Beside those commissionned films some other works have been done with medias like TV crashing ( unsollicited ) and also work within  news papers , and latter within  social medias

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