manifeste moving exhibition    ULTRA FAST  Exhibitions ( 1986/ 2004)


2002  Sprengel Museum Hannover / flying exhibition                                                                         
Every day military photos are exctracted from the
newspapers ,and send as planes by the museum guards                    

Colonel 's  ULTRA FAST EXHIBITION       (1986 /2004)   / the list is not a cv  but refer only to the ultra fast projects

-2004 Colonel peintre de la justice / The Showrrom FDK /( Catalogue)
-2004 18e rencontres Vidéo Art Plastique, Wharf Centre d' art Contemporain de Basse-Normandie (F)
-2004 Roskilde festival /Protest underwear .DK
Daheim in der Fremde - Fremd in der Heima :: Städtische Galerie Nordhorn, DE
-2004 A pair of Genes/ Stadtische Galerie Ravensburg: /DE
-2003 Helsingør Biblioteker: "The ultra fast exhibition" DK
-2003 at galerie Sparrwasser HQ, Berlin /DE
-2002-2003 at the Sprengel Museum Hannover ; flying exhibition/DE
-2002 art forum Berlin, with galerie Sparrwasser HQ  "the ultimate fashion "/DE
-2002 Vejle Kunstmuseum (DK) , ("measure of the culturel distance by Ninna Damsgaard) /DK
-2001 pitch prize : "urgence bonheur "(DK) / ultrafast TV format
-2000 Verdenskiosk video , daily web comment on Images of  the world festival (DK)
-1999 at Nikolaj contemporary art center , bombardement de conférence (flying exhibition)
-1997 Charlottenborg  ”Invasion “,soldat for one day,  with contract d ‘engagement(DK)                               
-1997 at Kunstforening  ,  before the strike
-1997 at the Sarema Biennale ,Esthonia
-1996 at the Brottfabrik , Berlin, with Jean de Piepape /DE
-1996  Moderna Muset with Jeff  Guess ,Stockholm
-1995 Fotofeis Biennale in Scotland
-1995 at the  clothes shop “Democrate” /"french populist"(DK)
-1995 photographic gallery window /DK
-1993 Déballage de casques bleux, squattage, musée d' art moderne ,Paris /F
-1993  Fiac , flying exhibition over the fair
-1992-1993 at the bunker :“Institut Francais de Copenhague /F
-1992 the “Spider” at  Søren Kaj /DK
-1991 gallery Chateaudun ,Paris “les casques bleux” / F
-1991 MM Museum DK , during the golf war ./ DK
-1989 Manifeste Moving Exhibition + exhibition in 4 acts
-1988 serie of Moving Exhibition ( centre Pompidou / Palais de Tokyo / Fiac )
-1987 "This is a Moving Exhibition " / daily changing exhibition / Zeze CPH
-1986 Interpretative fiction in the mass media

biography by Inka Schube / Sprengel Museum /

copyright manuscript format concept:
Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel