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part of (I) ndependent people @Rejkavik art festival.             (I)ndependant
to the 02 september 2012

conversation for ARTWRIT by Jacquelyn Davis


Format Slow Dance-Debate @ Blue Lagoon with art critics in hot smoky water  by ART FORMATS @Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel

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"There is not a good Biennale without Biennalist "

BIENNALIST and THE AWARENESS MUSCLE TEAM had the pleasure and the difficult mission to take care ot the Press Conference of (I) ndependent people @Rejkavik art festival. Previously curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist,  the 2012 issue of this visual art international event was curated by reknown sweddish Jonatan Habib Engqvist  , whom kindly  and trustfull passed on his plattform : "the press conference " to us after several inspiring exchanges . The debating format were activated at the blue lagoon  at 10 am  sunday morning 20/05/2012 ,  in hot  smoky water with participation of  Flash Art redactor , art critics from  Artforum , Frieze magazine , Politiken etc...

The Press conference was divided in chapters including a SLOW DANCE DEBATE , a FIGHT DEBATE , an AWARENESS MUSCLE warm up .

The SLOW DANCE DEBATE is a format where partners dance in couples and debate , slowly with physical contact meanwhile debating , partner circulate into each otheres arms to stream and share the debate . At the blue lagoon , in the hot water surrounded by volcanic landscape the debate was around the theme of (I)ndependent people biennale : "Collaboration ",  some  questions developped to :
-" is "collaboration " an extended version of the business model taken to the art field ?"
-"will 2 revolutionnaires make "collaborations " together or rather "struggle " together ?"
-"Is collaboration a capitalist ideology ?"
see film  of Slow Dance Debate only :
see film longer version

Following the Slow Dance we activated the "Debate Fight " questioning -debating  ( fighting ) the word "dependant"  in connection to the word " addiction "
-"Is there positif or negatif addiction ?  "

Words are also important to be debated  ( Dictionary )

The Awareness Muscle Team was Copyflex , Maia Hausser  and Thierry Geoffroy Colonel
Thanks also to with help Kristín Scheving and the festival and the art critics that joined
thank you to the Danish Art Council , the  team , the festival , the curator , the critics that participated