BIENNALIST :In preparation : Documenta 14  ( #documentasceptic )/  Venice Biennale 2017 / Copenhagen Utracontemporary Biennale   to team up!      !!biennial 55th

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y thierry geoffroy colonel"AlwayA
                                                                                                                             "ALWAYS QUESTION THE STRUCTURE "
                              "There is not a good Biennale without Biennalist"

Biennalist is an Art Format   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    studying Biennales concepts and have it as inspiration for creation of art works . (Biennales and other cultural managed events like documenta , festivals , conferences etc .... ) . Often those events promote them selves with  thematics . Biennalist take the thematics of the Biennales very seriously , and test their pertinance often on location . Artists have questioned for decades the  canvas , the pigment , the museum ... , since 1989  Colonel and the Biennalists question  the Biennales instead   .Often Biennalist converge with Emergency Room  ( today before it is too late ) . Biennalist can also activate the Penetration Format , the Critical Run Format  as well as Rumeur Art  Format , the Fight Debate Format , the Slow Dance Format etc ...

Biennalist has been actived at the  Istanbul Biennale 2007 / Venice Biennale 1999+2001+2003+2005+2007+2009+2011 2013   +2015 / Athens Biennales 2007 +2011 / Sydney Biennales 2010 / Berlin Biennale 2006 + 2010  /Sarema Biennale 1997 / Rotterdam Biennale 1990 / Uturn Quadriennale 2008 / Manifesta and Liverpool Biennial 2010   questioning the official Biennale themes  :exemple "
Optimism in the Age of Global War",   'Think with the senses - feel with the mind ",'Destroy Athens' " Making world ""In dialogue with Northern Africa "etc ....  Biennalist was very active  at dOCUMENTA Kassel  .  ZKM museum exhibition  Karlruhe .  . Biennalist is also interest in art fair  (often behaving like Biennales )  art work were done during Frieze ; Fiac , Berlin ,  Armory ...yearly Climate conference are also considered as staged events  ( Cop 15 / Cop 16 etc...) . Venice Biennale 2011 was teamed up with Sprengel Museum Hannover "Photography Calling "  ( link (museum  blog on Venice 2011) ,and Biennalist at Athens Biennale 2011 was commissionned by ZKM Museum  . We are preparing other Biennales ( including Venice Biennale 2017 ) and documenta Athens and Kassel ( #documentasceptic   and if  you like to support us  or be partner etc.... contact also donate here . You can also collect  art works from Biennalist

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