"Artistes de Garde " by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel  

                                          working in collaboration   in the HQ  at the gallery  and in the streets . here the case of COP 15 Climate conference in Copenhagen

    format "Critical Run " at Climate conferenceHQ ARTISTES DE GARDE / COP 15      HQ ARTISTES DE GARDE / COP 15VIDEO INSTALLATION OF THE CRITICAL RUN / CITY HALL SQUARE COPENHAGENIMG_4079IMG_3647IMG_4306HQ format with the  Yes Men at Cop 15 .copenhagen copenhavn københavn conference climate canada uganda climate art activism exhibition gallery poulsen gallerie bella center

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"ARTISTES DE GARDE " reflected and interacted  with  the COP 15  ( climate change conference ) in real time and then did a  exhibition  diagnosis trying to measure the impact of all efforts  produce in part1  )  "HEADQUARTERS" hosted THE YES MEN HQ as well as Emergency Room  HQ and  the Critical Run HQ and cooperation with NGO  ' s  and goldendays  at Poulsen gallery .

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