CRITICAL RUN / Debate Format

Critical Run is an Art Format created by Thierry Geoffroy/Colonel
debate while running  .
Debate and Run together,Now,before it is too late.
The Art Format Critical Run has been activated in 30 differents countries with 120 different burning debates
New York,Cairo,London,Istanbul,Athens,Hanoi,Paris,Munich,Amsterdam Siberia,Copenhagen,Johanesburg,Moskow,Napoli,Sydney,
Wroclaw,Bruxelles,Rotterdam,Barcelona,Venice,Virginia,Stockholm,Ã…rhus,Kassel,Lyon,Trondheim, Berlin ,Toronto,Hannover ...

CRITICAL RUN happened on invitation from institution like Moma/PS1, Moderna Muset Stockholm ,Witte de With
Rotterdam,ZKM Karlsruhe,Liverpool Biennale;Sprengel Museum etc..
or have just happened on the spot because
a debate was necessary here and now.

In 2020 the Energy Room was an installation of 40 Critical Run at Museum Villa Stuck /Munich
part of Colonel solo show : The Awareness Muscle Training Center

From April 2021 CC (Copenhagen Contemporary)is showing an installation of 12 Critical Run part of "Art of Sport"

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Others Emergency Art Formats by Thierry Geoffroy 

You can commission a Critical Run or a video installation with all the Critical Run film