THE AWARENESS MUSCLE TRAINING CENTER at Museum Villa Stuck                                   

3 floors exhibition by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel  at the Museum Villa Stuck  designed in 8 spaces

the AMTC is an art format by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel  (  .The exhibition at the Munich art museum is curated by museum director Michael Buhrs                   

1) The training Room ( description)    with  the Awareness Sculptures Machines : 2) Gallery Ultracontemporaine

3) The Energy Room   
4) the Delay Museum   5) the Digital Space      6)Public Space  
7 ) the Strategy Room      8) Garden Circulation space

1) The training Room  consist in neons , carpets, sound installation and  Awareness Sculptures Machines :

The boxing partner/ The always question the structure machine / the bike / the butterfly  /the rowing machines/
the lifting machine/
the thinking machine


The training Room ( description)    with  the Awareness Sculptures Machines

The Energy Room




Gallery Ultracontemporaine


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