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we were active at Berlin Biennale 2014 / link on its way 


from Art Magazin by Clemens Bomsdorf

Venice Biennale 2013 if you like to support us  or be partner etc.... contact

Venice Biennale 2011 was teamed up with Sprengel Museum Hannover
"Photography Calling "  (art education link (museum  blog on Venice 2011) ,and Biennalist at Athens Biennale 2011 was commissionned by ZKM Museum

ZKM museum exhibition  Karlruhe


  Biennalist was very active  at dOCUMENTA Kassel  .


   Biennalist together with the Awareness Muscle Team was commissionned to do  the Press Conference  format of (I) ndependent people for  Rejkavik art festival

a debate of 1 hour was activated . questioning  the thematic of the Festival with the critics and press people in the blue lagoon 


2011  "Biennalist  " and " Biennalist HeadQuarter the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art

The Global Contemporary. Art Worlds After 1989

Biennalist at ZKM Museum

Curators: Peter Weibel, Andrea Buddensieg
Co-Curators: Jacob Birken, Antonia Marten
Curatorial Committee: N’Goné Fall (FR/SN), Carol Lu (CN), Jim Supangkat (ID), Patrick D. Flores (PH)
Curator of Education: Henrike Plegge
Scientific adviser: Hans Belting
Exhibition Architecture: Kuehn Malvezzi with Samuel Korn

Biennalist at the Athens Biennale in collaboration with ZKM museum

text by Vassilios Oikonomopoulos on Biennalist @ Athens

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Venice Biennale 2011 was teamed up with Sprengel Museum Hannover
"Photography Calling " 
curated by Inka Schube, Curator of Photography and Media Art at the Sprengel Museum Hannover, and Thomas Weski

( art education  link )

Sprengel Museum report on Venice 2011

different article  critics about Biennalist at Venice Biennale : ( German / Russian / Italian / English / Danish )

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  Biennalist Recruiting Poster 2011.

We are preparing Biennalist in more Biennales ( Berlin )

and Biennalist@Documenta Kassel  .We need support  please contact

We can also work with Universities and Schools like we did in Venice and Karlsruhe


Biennial Socle du MondeHerning  Museum of Contemporary Art Denmark (
 " In advance of the broken arm  " /

Biennalist work here on both title

- " Socle du Monde " ( Manzoni )
- "In beetween Culture " and the definition of a real Immigrant ( through the Pennetratio wall )

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Some of the at formats are ativated within the Biennalist Art Format ( Penetration / Critical Run / Debate Fight  ) Emergency Room artist

ART Formats web site

Critical format fb site


       Penetration Space / MANIFESTA BIENNIAL / MURCIA

Manifesta Biennial is finnished in Murcia but new edition of  Biennalist at Manifesta is on preparation

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Penetration space for artists from Northern Africa only    on an inviataion by CPS

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2010 :

1) Biennale curator statement on  "OUR PRESENT "

2) confronting   CAN OLD REALITY BE REALITY    ? at press conference ....see video

3) Critical run debating " THE REALITY OF TODAY IS NOT THE REALITY OF YESTERDAY ...  screen shot

4) the film of the critical run has not be eddited yet neither the  work done  on BMW sponsoring  and Biennale to show old reality and call it reality a diversion to fool the dog watch ? ?

Boris Groys Run and reruiting poster

"the 6th Berlin Biennale will focus exclusively on our present and the relation that art takes to it. "

Kathrin Rhomberg  in  Berlin: Biennial on the Border - Conversations - News & Opinion - Art in America

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