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                                                    Critical Run films are shown on CPH  town hall square beetween 7 to 17 th  december with Hopenhagen and Golden days ( Melborghuset pavillon)

             Critical Run is a debating format by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel and will be in connection with  "Headquarter"  at galery Poulsen shared with the Yes Men and more

                                            CRITICAL RUN have taken places in New York , London , Istanbul, Athènes, Paris; Siberia , Copenhagen, Moskow , Napoli ,den Haag, Bruxelles, Rotterdam, Barcelona, Venice ; Virginia , Stockholm on invitation of institution like Moderna Muset Stockholm or Witte de With Rotterdam or have just happen in a necesserary way  because a debate was necessary here and now .

                                                                                                                               contact=    Critical Run is connected to Emergency Room movement