by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel   ( Art Formats )

                                                                                "The artist has to retake the right to reread and reorganize the representation of the world " 
                                                                                                             "Give me your memory card and your copyrights .
The Extracteur format  has been active at Venice Biennale 2011 / during Athens Riots 2011 / in Hannover 2011 collecting photographic datas and their copyrights from amateurs
and professionnal photographers  accepting  datas donations . The collection of extracted images is visible on request and is devoloping it' s potentiel to be updated in real time .
The collection is expanding and we are looking for permanent installation possibilities facilitating access and promotion of new extracted materiel . The "Extracteur" respond
 to the intention of the artist Thierry Geoffroy to develop a format to retake access to private archives and their mod of exhibition .The format was  intensly activated in cooperation
with the Sprengel Museum and some of the 2011 extracted images shown in the Extracteur room for the exhibition " Photography Calling ".

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"Social Media do not create revolutions they accelerate repression"