NATIONAL NATIONAL NATIONALISM  at the Venice Biennale                          by Biennalist ( 2007)

Extraction and exhibition of national identity

At the Venice Biennale every time there is an opening for a national pavillon most citizens from that country are showing up
to support
or to show up .
At the biennale
openings are very tribales

they gather nations like football matches do .

Nation National Nationalism is one of the important thema of the Venice  Biennale every time

Biennalist did a work  about this particular subject .

At the Venice Biennale 2007 the team of extracteurs from Biennalist
where moving from national pavillon to national pavillon
during  openings
to exctracti some of Hair
meanwhile singing national air .

The Biennalist were making self measurement of nationality .
Tto find out
for example if at the german pavillon opening  the germans coming were really germans .

The national art fans will be asked :
" How many per cent are do you think You are germans ? "
the result were precioulsy kept and then exhibited  hanging and floating in the air .
in a street next to the Biennale -

there is something genetic going on with the Venice Biennale

scroll down example of the german/ danish/ american pavillon 's opening

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exemple from the Luxembourg opening


exhibition of the hair sample floating in the air in " Le Colone street  "

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with kind support from the danish art council