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As Documenta failed to express about todays world and debate about  todays  Emergencencies 
the logic continuation will  be that the  next documenta  should curated by a tank

Documenta prooved to be more of an antic show refusing , masking or  forgetting to reflect on today' s world
even so the theme of this art show was "wars and conflicts " ( Kassel - Kabul ...)
With such a way to work ,  Documenta  presence in war zone like Kabul sounds strange .
Documenta does not' even know about enormous weapon industry specialise in repression wars  machines , just 10 min walks from exhibitions venues
This is probably a  human faillure
but for a leading show like that with 1 million disciple : it is  a problem
The million people coming are intellectuals , academic , leaders etc .... they must embrase all persepective of the propose debate  on global war
and nothing should be hidden to them even so silence could be perceive as an art form

We then suggest , for more precision and honest approach
tha " the next documenta should be curated a tank "
as the local industry is known and globally acclaimed for precision weapons :
( especially tanks to erased riots from the street  )
The tanks industry is only 10 minutes walk from Fredericianium
and is the main industry in Kassel .
They have more  knowledges on wars and conflicts happening right now and on wars starting tomorow .
"Can art be in advance of the broken arm  ? "could be the title of the next documenta curated by a tank .
Weapon producteurs also have opinions on ethics
The Kassel factory is  globally known for their precision skills and  their creativity  to produce new  adapted  weapons
They also follow very much  the arab spring and  øko feminismus topics wich is also debate much in the " contemporary "

recent article in german press with facts              link Kopenhagen art blog

with special  thanks to José , OccupeKassel ,  Pascal  ... ( and more  ...)

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