by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel

Colonel 's  painted art works
was  implanted the  first time the 06 th of June 2012
The  very debated occupy movement came  some days after  on the square facing the Fredericianium in Kassel .

Colonel 's  installation 
was removed by the organizers the 21/6/2012
despite the occupy camp was welcomed . ( what make a protest more welcome than another ? ) ... ( maybe the way it is infiltrated ? )

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   link to Sebastian Baden text on the case

 An art work  : a painted with spray  tent as Biennalist canvas was installed by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel
the 06 June 2012 just after the press conference ( where Colonel did a video work as a naive blue Helmet )
 The art work was implanted next to the Joseph Beuys tree and was the first tent to be planted
Colonel 's  implantation was recorded  by several TV reports and photographed  and also with help of witnesses

The 6 th June the artist made a mobility test  ( "This is a moving exhibition manifeste ")  , the tent broke and a new implantation
it could remain until the 21 th of June until it got confiscated by the documenta organisers
and taken down the keller of the fredericianium were is what found by the Bongore .

Thierry Geoffroy works normally with the art format EMERGENCY ROOM 
the contemporary does not have the capacity to interfer wit the emergencies of the world of today ( today  is  today )

this work is a collaboration beetween the format Emergency Room and Biennalist .

  7th JUNE                                                                                                                                                                 21 TH JUNE

The occupy movement ( branded for documenta : doccupy  probably by the infiltrators )
was   announced  welcomed at documenta 13 (  the 8/07)  after about 30 days of occupation
An " installation "  camp   was  install  on the left after removing of   my art work
probably to empech me to reinstall my tent there .
In  fact I  was  not welcomed , and got my tent - art work confiscated

What was wrong with my " occupation " to make it unwanted and confiscated ?

I had the first implantation in front of the Fredericianium   , since the 6 th of June ( D DAY )
Some of the critics  found my slogans and debate issues relevant enough to publish them , even of their magazine front page .

Why did documenta ( branding itself tolerant and welcoming  )  removed my contribution to the debate on contemporary art and emergencies
  as well as the 60 years  old man  , homeless ,  finding a home  in my tent was removed  ?

I  was armless and  just doing constructif critics
as critics are necessary to a good art show

I was not offending any one except maybe  the tourism office
but cannot remember to have make them loose any business as I heard after that the documenta never had so many visitors

The 6 th June first move  of Thierry Geoffroy art work  "THE EMERGENCY WILL REPLACE THE CONTEMPORARY" / "D DAY "  version mobile
The 7th Implantation again of the installation
the 8 th june 2 chinese artists installed a tent as well  20 meters from mine
the 9 th of June the  police gave permissions to  the 2 tents  to camp in front of the Fredericianium
(the 2 tents when we were checked during the  Bundespräsidenten Joachim Gauck  visit of documenta ).

Latter that day the  ) 9 th of June , the occupy movement constructed the beginning of their camp  with only one tent  that day.
Fast the occupy  camp  started to grew .......

The 20 th  of June the belgium art magazine Kunsthart did it' s front page with my art work  (7th)

the 21 th of June  Thierry Geoffroy installation  was removed .
The  trace of  disparition was very visible on the grass .
The artist José Luis Bongore in Kassel then  noticed it and took photos of that disparition .
He also  searched  for the confiscated art work and after investigations found it at the Fredericianium office
with the explanation "it should not be there "

Thierry Geoffroy  tent  was removed but the occupy was not removed
on the contrary the movement was announced welcomed after 30 days of occupation
The curator  send a press release where she welcomed the occuppy to stay
branding it " doccupy "and referring to Beuys . (8/07)

Is there any selectif way ( curatorial ) ways  of choosing what is a welcome protester and one that has to be removed ?
Was the text " The Emergency will replace the Contemporary  " not proper to debate
Why did documenta choose to brand it self through the slogan " Fight Capitalism " presented in it s press release ?
( did they felt with all their sponsoring , weapon industry environement attracted by such slogan ? )
Latter I understood that the tolerated occupy camp have been infiltrated and that was why it got tolerated .

Did the documenta found the slogans on TG tent  offending any one  ?
Is it not true everyone is working with the tourism office ( maybe not getting paid but bringing in tourits to Kassel )
By confiscating the tent did they wanted to do a chirurgical exctraction for all   biennalist projects ?
Could  it be that  documenta does not like  critics from within ?
Is it not true the contemporary is too late ?
What is the criterium of selection for good artists and  bad artist ? or Good protester  - bad protester ?
Can some protesters be better than others or more useful?
Is it a question of slogan ?
They are welcomed protesters and not welcomed.
Some that get their thinks  get confiscated
and some that can be used for the newsletter.s
What are the criteria of selection ?
Can protesters be curated?
Is it ok to use some protesters for communication purpose?
Is it a question of aesthetic?
Is it a question of negotiations ?
Is it a question of infiltration ?

It was true that the contemporary was always too late
it was true that the Emergency will replace the contemporary
I did not say anything blasphemic
just the truth to my eyes .
A contemporary art show has  to also work with a format ULTRACONTEMPORARY to be able to reflect and debate  :
"In advance of the broken arm "  (before the killing happen for example )  ,
not 40 years latter .

meanwhile art , artists , institutions can have a real voice
an impact .
Documenta expressed  about nazism ( past  nazism )  , camps , deportations
but  cry on history is not enought to avoid future accidents
the art scene has also  to face actual debates
not hide them
like the enormous  production of tanks in Kassel only 10 minutes walk from d .
Why to organized such a large art show about the world without looking at the world now and in proximimity .

With my tent
I was not offending any one except maybe  the tourism office
but cannot remember to have make them loose any business ,
on the contrary
I was extra entertainment
as well as the occupy that came after
Every one could photograph the camp

With my spontanic and enthusiast participation
I was trying to do my work as an artist
telling my vision of the future
beeing critical  about the contemporary
was the best positive contribution I could offer .
There is not a good art show without debate
It is a miss  of respect to  come to a critical art show without the present of a critical work as gift .

Pass the frustration to have been erased and removed
I now start to see clearly how the contemporary instrumentalise the protest to create this illusion of debate and openness
How instrumentalised protest create an opposit effect .
The occupy became symbol of tolerance ( with help of infiltrations , spies , threat )
meanwhile cleaning was done in the dark .

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Why Kabul ?
Can a car be good for climate ?
Is navigation a threat?
I am not working for the tourism office or Am I ?
The naive blue helmet
The next documenta should be curated by a tank  .

etc ..


The Magazine KunstHart made the  printed front page on their dOCUMENTA special  issue
with the Biennalist art work
unfortunatly just after that the tent was removed by dOCUMENTA
the tent was confiscated 1 dsay after publication

" Hard is the truth "

from  the 06 june

Some protesters are more welcome than some others  :

TG has worked with tents in art museum since 1995 , his last exhibition with tents  was at the ZKM museum in Karlsruhe 2011             see art work

from Art Magazin by Clemens Bomsdorf
some artists plant trees
some plant their tents .

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special Thanks to Mr José Luis Bongore!