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I still  work  with "Art Formats" ( "Format Art " ) activating them as globally as possible but also creating  new ones . The first Manifeste is from 1989 . The  aim of
" Art Formats " is  to activate   critical  plattforms globally  as  response to a world with emergencies . Emergencies have to  be treated " in time  before it is too late  ". Some of the  most known Art Formats are : "Emergency Room" , "Critical Run  " , "Biennalist " ," Debate Rave " .

Art Formats" ( "Format Art " ) 

83 ) Emergency Room PS1 / MOMA by you.   ART FORMAT : Emergency Room

  This format
has been activated at  MOMA/ PS1 New York  /// PAN / Napoli /// Athens /// Berlin /// Copenhagen/  Paris// Hanoi / Wroclaw

This format is for professional artists to express about Emergencies . Now before it is too late . Artists are thermometers and we must know what they think about today , today before it is too late  . In Emergency Room artists can point at dysfunctions in real time meanwhile their expression can have an impact . In Emergency Room the exhibition changes daily . Emergency Room is a special room builded  as part of the format . The Emergency Room artists come when they are burning . .  Emergency Room is the  central structure for all awareness muscle formats listed below .

 Art Format Critical Run" ARE CRITICS CRITICAL ?"  Moderna Museet / Stockholm ART FORMAT : Critical Run

Critical Run is also an Art Format  : Here particants are running while debatting . Critical run have been activated  in London / Moscow/ Rotterdam / Siberia / Barcelona / Bruxelles / Paris / Napoli / Hanoi / Sydney  etc ... . In this  Art Format others than professionel artists  can participate in the running debate . Run debate are filmed  and then exhibited . Subjects like "apathy ", "the role of the artist  ", " emergencies " , "gentrification "  are examples that  have been run-debated  . Coming at Venice Biennale and Documenta . This format can be ( and has been )  activated the same day in different part of the world .

Biennalist Recruiting Poster 2011.  ART FORMAT : Biennalist

Biennalist is an Art Format  commenting on Biennales and other cultural managed events while they happen . Often biennales promote themselves with thematics . Biennalist take those thematics very seriously , and explore them on location. Sometimes Biennalist collabore with Emergency Room artists  to provide a burning content that cannot wait   ( today is today , today before it is too late ) . Biennalist often activate the Penetration format , the Critical Run format  as well as Rumeur art  format .
There is not a good Biennale without Biennalist".

  ART FORMAT : Penetration

Penetration is also part of the Art  Format group  .
A Penetration is an artist's act of placing an artwork within another artist's already existing exhibition ,with his permission .
Curator can also be asked .The Penetration are asked mostly when artists from Emergency Room have no Emergency Room to express about emergencies . Penetrations are then organized

61 ) Protest fashion / DK 56 ) PROTEST FASHION DENMARK   The Protest Fashion   57) PROTEST FASHION  PS1/ MOMA NEW YORK  THE ART FORMAT : "DEBATE RAV "format "the Protest Fashion "

 It concern mostly young people going to festival and parties . Exhibiting opinions and debating is encouraged  to train and grow  the Awareness Muscle .
The Protest fashion is also turn toward emergencies.
Rave debate is a format to rave and debate at the same  time / it can be combine with the protest fashion .It took place first time  at PS1/ MOMA

75 ) Awareness Muscle / Toronto by you. 71 ) warm up at PS1 / Emergency Room by you. Awareness Muscle Training

The Awareness Muscle is like the memory it has to be trained daily in order to grow  . It was activated
at PS1 / MOMA ., Toronto UTM and

67 ) Protest camp : " the protest school " Roskilde Festival by you. The Protest School   

It was launched at the Roskilde festival for the first time connected with flash mobs and marchs  as well than activities on camp.
then in documenta magazine 2007 with Kunst.EE .

Academy of Emergency Art      The Academy of Emergency Art

90 ) Slow dancing and news sharing / PS1 MOMA New York by you.   SLOW DANCE DEBATE  .( PS1 / MOMA /Toronto UTM /

Important topics are shared while slow dancing . No more loneliness i front of the medias .

   the dictionary


When not doing working format art  : my thematics are 

- tourists- immigrants-colonialists

I am also interest in exhibiting space traditionals but also TV , social medias , news papers , street etc ....

1 work about National Identity ( use of characters like the tourist or the immigrant )

1 Medias spaces

TV as exhibition space   / work on printed media  / fashion as medium / ambassade as exhibition plattforms / wikipedia / facebook etc ...

1  Manifestes ( Moving exhibition 1989/sport Art 1990 / Emergency Room 2003)

/ Formats and  Dictionary
    ( some words from the dictionary are with music)

Manfeste 1989 / Manifeste Sport Art  1990 / Manifeste Emergency Room ( 2003)

crash recession economic crisis Paris Fiac 2008 by you. Recession art

Art Forum Berlin / Statens Museum for Kunst / Paris Fiac / Galerie Taiss / etc  ....

new world Work  about  Mobile Phones , Flashmobs 

  Wikipedia , Facebook, Google and Myspace as spaces.
Spamming fest  / territory concepts on domaines  / social medias

1 Colonel peintre de la justice ( 1991-2001)

1   Bio-colonialism  " My parents in Algeria  " /Colonialism